Renée Hemsing Patten
Renée Hemsing Patten




We have many, many song options, spanning several different genres. All of the songs we offer can be done with different instrumentations (solo, duo, trio, quartet). The YouTube playlists below should help you hear how these songs sound when played by string ensembles of various size. It is impractical for us to personally record every song in every combination, so please keep that in mind when listening. These YouTube videos - although they are not us - were carefully chosen and assembled, as nearly video is exactly the arrangement we play, or extremely close. We do our best to make every song sound as close to the original as possible.

• Classical / Traditional wedding music - YouTube Classical / Traditional Demo Song Playlist

• Americana / Fiddle (bluegrass) - YouTube Americana / Fiddle (bluegrass) Demo Song Playlist

 • Jazz /American standards - YouTube Jazz / American Standards Demo Song Playlist

• Pop - YouTube Pop Demo Song Playlist