Renée Hemsing Patten
Renée Hemsing Patten




1. Chairs: You must provide the chairs for the musicians, but musicians will provide their own music stands.

2. Cancelation Notice: Each party (you, the client, and the musician[s]) agrees to give the other party a minimum of thirty (30) days notice prior to the wedding date should either party decide to cancel this agreement. In the case of the client's cancelation, the Basic Booking & Contracting Fee will NOT be refunded, but there will be no additional charge. In case of the musician's cancelation (extremely rare), the Basic Booking & Contracting Fee WILL be refunded.

3. Weather Disclaimer: musicians reserve the right to not play in rain / extreme temperatures (below 60 degrees F or above 95 degrees F). If your wedding is outdoors and rain is possible, a tent/cover for musicians is strongly advised. Musicians' instruments and equipment are EXPENSIVE and cannot be exposed to possible damage from extreme temperature / moisture. 




How long should each ceremony song be? 

There's no right or wrong length for the music you choose. We are able to cadence (gracefully end) any song when need be, so don't fret about timing everything "perfectly:" leave that to us!

Can we use one song for more than one part of our ceremony?

Absolutely! In fact, this choice is ideal for simpler ceremonies with fewer bridal party members. Just make sure you indicate this in the "Special Requests" section of the form.

Do musicians typically attend wedding rehearsals?

It is almost never necessary. The final form you fill out on this website is designed to give us all the information we need to show up & play! However, if you feel it is absolutely necessary, please let us know in the "Special Requests" section of the form. (Additional charges will apply.)

What time do musicians typically arrive?

Typically 30 minutes before we are scheduled to begin playing.

When I book a string quartet for my wedding, am I booking the Ajax Quartet?

Most likely, yes! Occasionally a member of Ajax is not available, and we will hire a sub. If this is a strong preference of yours, please let us know.