Renée Hemsing Patten
Renée Hemsing Patten

Help for Beginners


Violin Diagram

Know the parts of your instrument & bow!

Can you find the scroll, pegs, fingerboard, F holes, bridge, fine tuners, chin rest, tailpiece, G string, Dr string, A string, and E string on your own violin?

Can you find the tip, horse hair, grip, frog, and screw on your own bow?


Level 1 Bow Hold

For beginners & intermediate violinists with tiny hands!

Make sure you've set your violin down! The bow goes in the right hand, but you will momentarily need both hands free. That way you can take your time, placing each bow finger (right hand) in its proper place before picking up your violin.

• ring finger: drape over stick & frog. fingerprint on the 'eye' of the frog

• middle finger: drape over stick & frog. fingerprint on silver hair bracket

• pointer finger: drape over stick grip at first finger joint

• pinky finger: place it on its TIPPY TIP on top of the wood

• thumb: place thumb print on underside of frog, or silver bracket


Where to place shoulder rest

Caring for your violin & bow

• Rosin your bow a little every day

• Never touch the bow hair 

• Never set your violin on his face (bridge side down)

• Never tune your violin without help and/or supervision from an adult



Level 2 Bow Hold

Already mastered Level 1 in your lessons? Move up to Level 2!

Follow all the Level 1 directions, except the thumb! 

Now you can place your thumb on its TIPPY TIP on the bow stick at the foot of the frog. 

* Notice the curved thumb joint! *